PetrSU students took part in the “Cultural Marathon 2020”

Students of the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology took part in an online marathon dedicated to the culture of Russia.
The Cultural Marathon is an all-Russian educational project that introduces the world and national culture. The organizers of the project are the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and Yandex services: Textbook, Music, KinoPoisk, Afisha.

This year there were four themes: ornament and decor, music, dance, and text. Anyone could answer the questions. 32 students of the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design took part in this educational project and, as a result, having answered all the questions, received certificates for successfully passing the test.

The quiz also has an educational task – the participants will have to look for answers to many questions, which means that they will automatically increase their knowledge about the culture of the peoples of Russia.

“Cultural Marathon 2020” is not only a test with questions and answers. These are small stories and mysteries about the cultural customs of the peoples who live in our country . This year the “Cultural Marathon” was dedicated to the cultures of the peoples of our country.