PetrSU students travel the land of the Karelians

On the last weekend of August, students and teachers of Petrozavodsk University – participants of the project “KARELIANA: a journey across the land of the Karelians” – visited the village of Kalevala.
A trip to the northern national region of the republic, where the participants could get acquainted with the traditions and language of the northern Karelians, completed the practical part of the project. The main goal was to visit the MBU “Ethnocultural Center” KALEVALATALO “and get acquainted with its practical work. Director of the ethnocultural center NS Vasilyeva told the participants about the practices that are being implemented in the village: weekend clubs, master classes, theater performances in the Karelian language and a number of other activities.

Then the participants found themselves in the caring hands of the chief curator of museum items of the ethnocultural center V.V. Tikhonova, who conducted a tour of the center, as well as the Museum of Runes Singers and the Museum-Printing House. At the end of the trip, the participants took a walk around Kalevala and got acquainted with its sights.

In the near future, the participants at a face-to-face seminar will discuss their impressions of the program, as well as formulate their proposals for creating new relevant tools for disseminating knowledge about the history of the Karelians and Vepsians, their spiritual and material culture, languages ​​in a changed ethnocultural situation.

The project “KARELIANA: a journey across the land of the Karelians” is being implemented by the KROO “Club of Youth Projects and Initiatives” with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.