PetrSU students visited Sortavala and Pitkyaranta districts

Within the framework of the international project FIRST, representatives of PetrSU visited the southern regions of Karelia in order to get acquainted with the tourist sites of the Ladoga area.
The main idea of ​​the project is to study the possibilities of developing health tourism in Karelia and Finland. The students were offered an option for a health tour, which included accommodation in country recreation centers, walks along eco-trails, overcoming a route in a rope park, Nordic walking, lectures on healthy eating and ecology. Under the guidance of teachers (V.M.Kirilina, T.S.Dmitrieva, K.A. Sorokina) eleven students of the institute visited such tourist sites as: cafe “Priladozhie”, park-hotel “Dacha Winter”, restaurant “Syty Lis”, Mineral – the center of the Northern Ladoga area, the Kaunis hotel, the Tarulinna rope park, the Relax cafe, the Serdobol youth center, the Lamberg cafe, the Ladoga Fjord recreation center, the Piipun-Piha restaurant and the SONA cafe …
The trainees tested the health-improving route, made recommendations for organizing routes in Karelia and Finland. All footage will be converted into a video that will be posted on the Moodle platform for further use by tourists.

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