PetrSU students were awarded with II degree diplomas

All-Russian competition of research works “Innovative scientific research in the modern world” was held in Ufa at the scientific publishing center “Vestnik Nauki”.
40 research papers of students, undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers and research workers of universities in pedagogical, historical, chemical, economic, philological, medical and other sciences were presented for the competition.

Diplomas of the II degree in the nomination “Innovative approaches in solving fundamental and applied problems” were awarded to two scientific articles of the 1st year students of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of Egor Bulgakov “Chronicle of sports life in the Pryazhinsky region in 1932-1941.” and Valeria Lapteva “The development of skiing in the pre-war period in Karelia” (scientific supervisor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education, EA Kalinina).

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