PetrSU students work in republican medical institutions

Within the framework of the interregional project “Peace”, students of medical universities and colleges from different cities of the country came to Petrozavodsk to help employees of republican medical institutions.
All the guys are members of Russian student teams. This is the second time that the project volunteers have been in Karelia.

Let us remind you that the interregional student medical team “Mir” is a labor project, in which students of medical higher and secondary educational institutions, who are members of the MOOO “Russian student teams”, will take part. The detachment also includes students of the Medical Institute of PetrSU. This year, the students participating in the detachment will have to work on the basis of three medical institutions: the Emergency Hospital and the Perinatal Center of Petrozavodsk and the Pryazha Central Regional Hospital. More details

For information on the opening of the summer working season for soldiers of medical teams of Russia on the territory of the Republic of Karelia, see the topic ” SAMPO TV 360º”.

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