PetrSU took 25th place in the National Ranking of Universities

The results of the annual National Ranking of Universities of the International Information Group “Interfax” have been published.
The rating includes 341 universities and institutes of Russia, including national research, federal, support and non-state.

Petrozavodsk State University has improved its position in the ranking. The flagship university of Karelia takes the 1st place in the overall rating among the flagship universities, the 5th place among the universities of the Northwestern Federal District (only St. Petersburg universities are ahead), 25th among all universities in Russia.

The performance of universities was assessed according to six dimensions: education, research, socialization, internationalization (international cooperation), brand and innovation.

PetrSU takes 15th place among Russian universities according to the “Education” criterion, 17th place according to the “Internationalization” criterion, 24th place according to the “Innovation” criterion and 37th place according to the “Socialization” criterion.

The National University Ranking (NRU) project has been implemented by the international information group Interfax since 2010. Its main goal is to develop mechanisms and procedures for an independent assessment system for Russian universities and their educational programs, increase the competitiveness of the Russian education system, scientific research and technological entrepreneurship, and develop federal and regional universities.

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