PetrSU took part in the All-Russian ecological dictation

The All-Russian Ecological Dictation is an annual project aimed at creating an ecological culture, popularizing ecological knowledge among various segments of the population and increasing the level of ecological literacy. Residents of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation over 12 years old could take part in it. The organizers of the eco-dictate were the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, ANO “Ravnopravie”, OOD “Angel-Childhood-Guardian” and FGBOU DO “Federal Children’s Ecological and Biological Center”.

In order to write an eco-dictate on November 15 or 16, it was necessary to register on the portal and create your personal account, in which you could find out your results and receive a certificate or diploma, depending on the number of points scored. Due to technical problems, the dates of the eco-dictate were extended until November 18 (23:00).

The participants were asked to choose one of four options for tasks, depending on their age and level of knowledge about environmental protection (1st – option for children and youth aged 12-17; 2nd – option for students and working youth aged from 18 to 35 years old, students and graduates of educational institutions in ecological and biological orientation; 3rd – option for the adult population, for state and municipal employees; 4th – option for specialists, experts in the field of ecology and environmental protection).

The eco-dictant was timed to coincide with the World Day of Waste Recycling (recycling). Participants were asked questions about specially protected natural areas, rules for waste management, protection of natural resources and biodiversity, fire safety rules in forests and near water bodies, goals in the field of sustainable development. Based on the results of the dictation, all participants in the eco-dictate will receive certificates, and the winners and awardees will receive diplomas and commemorative prizes.

The students of IBEAT PetrSU took part in writing the eco-dictate. 


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