PetrSU won Grant for 150 million rubles for the development of a unique scientific facility for Arctic biomedicine

PetrSU won a grant for the development of a unique scientific facility for Arctic biomedicine.
A unique scientific installation (UNU), created in cooperation with Petrozavodsk State University and the resident of the Skolkovo Foundation – the K-Sky company, received a development grant in the amount of 150 million rubles.

The leading research universities of the country took part in the competition for obtaining grants in the field of science in the form of subsidies to ensure the development of the material and technical infrastructure of grants.

A strong team of the Medical Institute works at Petrozavodsk State University, which has repeatedly proved its leadership positions of the research team and the team of professional clinicians. Solving large-scale scientific problems, covering several areas and priorities of scientific and technological development, will allow the transition to advanced digital, intelligent production technologies, create systems for processing large amounts of data on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, implement the transition to personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare and health-preserving technologies. “,

– noted the rector of PetrSU professor Anatoly Voronin.

Cooperation with Petrozavodsk State University is focused on joint activities and development of projects in the field of artificial intelligence technologies. This, of course, makes it possible to expand the possibilities of using the Webiomed platform, to form a stable territorial and industrial partnership between a research organization and a technology company “,

– emphasized the general director of the K-Sky company Roman Novitsky.

UNU is the first multicomponent hardware and software complex for biomedical purposes used in the Arctic zone of Russia, and is a unified research platform for a comprehensive study of a person in the system “molecule – cell – tissue – organ – organism – environment”, performing the following tasks:

automated collection, storage, marking of research and clinical biomedical data;
data analysis based on artificial intelligence algorithms and predictive analytics;
introduction of innovative technologies in research and educational activities, practical medicine and real clinical practice;
the formation of a scientific and educational medical cluster.
UNU, in close cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, conducts unique research and development in the field of molecular genetics, oncoimmunology, neurophysiology, bioregulation, cell biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, cardiology, perinatal medicine and bioinformatics, combining the achievements of fundamental medicine and real clinical practice, answering modern challenges of scientific and technological progress.

The complex is integrated with the Webiomed predictive analytics and risk management platform , which allows using artificial intelligence methods to analyze data and determine the risks of developing diseases, as well as suspected diseases and their complications.

Webiomed is the first Russian artificial intelligence system for healthcare that has successfully passed independent clinical trials and is registered by Roszdravnadzor as a software medical device. At the moment, the system supports 14 diseases in terms of assessing the risks of their development or worsening, 40 suspected diseases. The most significant results of the development of predictive models on the UNU platform have found their application in predictive analytics of diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory diseases, COVID-19, diabetes mellitus, oncological and orphan diseases, in prenatal medicine.

Company Formation “By the Sky” – a resident of the Innovation Center “Skolkovo”, the developer platform predictive analytics and risk management in health care based on machine learning Webiomed .

The Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Petrozavodsk State University” is the largest multidisciplinary classical university of the European North of Russia, the flagship university of the Republic of Karelia. Within the framework of international cooperation, PetrSU interacts with foreign organizations leading developments in the field of biomedicine. Such organizations include Tufts University (Boston, USA), University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland), Tampere University Hospital (Tampere, Finland), Finnish Institute for Occupational Health (FIOH, Oulu, Finland).

Scientific research and development on the UNU platform is supported by grants from the Russian Science Foundation, Federal Target Programs, grants from the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as the RAS Program “Fundamental Sciences – Medicine”.