Pfizer: Truveta Announces Strategic Collaboration with Pfizer to Accelerate Safety Insights in Real Time

Truveta today announced a strategic collaboration with Pfizer to deliver new safety insights on a continuous basis, using verifiable real-world data at scale. Truveta will provide Pfizer with an unprecedented data platform for research. The data collected by Truveta are always flowing, providing the most up-to-date picture of U.S. health. Pfizer will use de-identified data from Truveta to identify, monitor, and evaluate potential signals in near-real time, informing efforts to mitigate risks and enabling further research.

Truveta is the world’s first health system-led data platform with a vision of Saving Lives with Data. Truveta’s 20 innovative health system members provide more than 16 percent of U.S. patient care from tens of thousands of clinical care sites across 42 states and provide ongoing governance to Truveta.

“Truveta’s dataset is one of the most timely and complete datasets available in the United States, allowing Pfizer to learn directly from de-identified patient data at an unprecedented pace and scale,” said Dr. Aida Habtezion, Chief Medical Officer, and Head of Worldwide Medical and Safety, Pfizer. “This enhances our best-in-class monitoring systems, through near real-time monitoring of safety signals in an expansive patient population. We hope to continue to find additional benefit from this growing data such as identifying and addressing health disparities.”

“Truveta’s vision is Saving Lives with Data, and we are inspired to work with Pfizer to fight the devastating impacts of COVID-19 and other health conditions,” said Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta. “We are excited to work closely with Pfizer as we build the largest and most complete data platform for U.S. health, readily accessible through a complete analytics solution. With Truveta, researchers can be empowered with real-time data to find cures, advance patient care, and transform healthcare in the U.S. The world needs answers to medical questions faster and together, we can help.”

Learning in Real Time with Real World Data

Truveta’s data platform empowers researchers to quickly monitor, query and evaluate health data from more than 50 million de-identified patient journeys, covering a broad range of diversity of the U.S. Data are updated daily and includes the full Electronic Medical Record (EMR), not just the medical bill from claims data, all fully anonymized and aggregated. This clinical data is linked across providers and with medical claims when care is provided outside Truveta’s network. Every patient record is enhanced with comprehensive socio-economic data and daily mortality data for a complete picture of each patient’s health journey.

Putting the Researcher at the Center with Trusted Data

In close partnership with its health system members, Truveta puts the researcher front and center in their efforts – creating the opportunity to access data for real-time learning. Truveta’s learning community connects life science and health systems to innovate collaboratively, ​speed time to insights, and earn trust through transparency and ​reproducibility of research.

“As the first health system to deliver the first COVID-19 vaccine outside of a clinical trial from Pfizer-BioNTech in the U.S., we are thrilled to join together as we continue to fight this pandemic,” said Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health. “The collaboration between Pfizer and Truveta is an extraordinary partnership between life science and our nation’s health systems all working together to ensure our communities are best protected from COVID and other health conditions.”