Phase II of Brown’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan to focus on equity, inclusion

— In the five years since launching an ambitious action plan to create a more fully diverse and inclusive campus, Brown University has increased diversity among students, faculty and staff, created new opportunities for underrepresented scholars to teach and conduct research, and established a campus-wide understanding of the essential roles that diversity, equity and inclusion play in Brown’s success as a leading research university.

On Thursday, April 1, the University reaffirmed its commitment to the plan’s goals by launching Phase II of its Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, commonly referred to as the DIAP. The second phase outlines new actions to build on the University’s increased diversity, address barriers to inclusion, and create a more equitable academic community that enables all members to make their marks as leaders, thinkers and problem-solvers.

In a letter sharing DIAP Phase II with the Brown community, President Christina H. Paxson wrote that diversity and inclusion are fundamentally important to research and teaching excellence, and make Brown an academically stronger university.

“We know that people learn better and make better decisions if they’re surrounded by others who have different perspectives, life experiences and backgrounds,” Paxson said. “We know that if we don’t conduct broad searches for faculty and staff and look broadly for students, we’re going to lose some of the best talent on the planet. We also know that people learn better and work better in environments where they feel respected, included and valued. For all of these reasons, the DIAP is central to our academic success.”