Physical Directors of Pvt Colleges felicitate newly appointed JNTUH Registrar Manzoor Hussain

Hyderabad: The physical directors of JNTUH affiliated private colleges called up on the newly appointed JNTUH Registrar Manzoor Husssain on Wednesday and submitted a memorandum requesting him to improve the sports faciliteis in all the affiliated colleges in Hyderabad. In their representation, the Physical directors urged the registrar that due to Covid-19 pandemic majority colleges are showing lack of interest to conduct sports activities and on that pretext they are also removing the physical directors from their jobs, because of which they are facing severe financial crises and struggling to survive.

Dr Rajesh, Dr Barnabas, Dr Rajagopal, Dr Ramana Reddy, Dr Srinivasa reddy, Dr Goutham, Dr Y Srinivasa Reddy, Vidyalankar Palgonnaru were attend.

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