Physics Wallah(PW) announces Vishwas Diwas campaign, offers courses at 12rs per day for senior secondary and secondary students

New Delhi:India’s most affordable and accessible ed-tech platform Physics Wallah is running a campaign ‘Vishwas Diwas’ and held an event on February 28 to strengthen the trust and reward its strong community of 1 crore students. A game-changing campaign for the ed-tech sector, PW’s Vishwas Diwas saw the introduction of various batches, freebies, offerings, its own PW library, PW Foundations NGO and Super 40 mentorship to cater to every single student’s need.

The one-of-a-kind campaign was dedicated to all those students who have connected with the Co founder and CEO of PW Mr. Alakh Pandey aka Alakh sir and have felt inspired by his mission and vision. It is the Vishwas (belief) that he has on students who dream big and the faith that students have on him.  In this campaign, PW launched six premiere batches — Neev( 9th standard), Udaan( 10th standard), Arjuna( NEET & JEE aspirants) and Lakshya(NEET & JEE aspirants)  to cater to students of class 9, 10,11 and 12, respectively.  Under Arjuna 2.0 and Lakshya 2.0 versions launching later this year, students will get free access, 28% discount with courses as low as Rs.12 a day as well as cashbacks, while Udaan and Neev students will be given 28% cashback and discount on study material. PW also launched its free PW library, which will be a one-stop solution for all tech problems students face while preparing for JEE, NEET exams, and which will also include solutions of NCERT books.

Moreover the organization also introduced Super 40, an exclusive mentorship programme. Super 40 will comprise a batch of 40 students each who  will be provided free mentorship by one student of a top institute who has cracked JEE/NEET and will resolve all queries which aspirants often face during preparation. Understanding that money should not come in between education as every single child has the right to affordable and quality content in our country, PW also launched PW Foundations NGO.  The organisation had already been doing a lot of social work even during the times of the pandemic like providing oxygen cylinders and giving free education to children in a government school in Rohini, Delhi under its PW Learning Hub Programme.

Speaking at the event, Alakh Pandey, Founder of Physics Wallah, said, “Vishwas Diwas is a gesture of thanks to everyone who has made us what we are today. The idea is to reduce the price every year and improve the quality of content and add more features. PW has always aimed at providing affordable and quality education to students who did not even think about achieving their dreams in life. We will be providing life skill training also in the future to those who could not complete their education.”

During the event, PW’s last year’s achievers were also rewarded for their hard work and dedication which helped them in cracking their respective competitive examinations. Physics Wallah stars, our alumni across IITs/AIIMS, our PWians, and students all over the country, were part of the celebration.

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