PI Green Innovations, a pioneer in clean air technology unveils new logo

The new logo comprises of a very structured ‘Pi’ symbol with a little bit of green that symbolises the core value and purpose of the company


Mumbai : PI Green Innovations, a firm dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for a greener future, has unveiled its new logo and the branding message. At the centre of this branding is an identity and iconography makeover. There’s something appealing about its symmetry, and the PI Green Innovations logo, which consists of an extremely structured ‘Pi’ symbol with a hint of green, does just that. The company’s principle and mission of establishing a sustainable future with creative and green solutions is reflected in the inclusive launch.

As per BBC’s report on India’s commitment on net zero, After China, The United States, and the European Union, India is the world’s fourth largest carbon dioxide emitter. Its emissions per capita, however, are much lower than those of other major world economies due to its vast population. In 2019, India released 1.9 tonnes of CO2 per person, compared to 15.5 tonnes from The United States and 12.5 tonnes from Russia. At COP26, our Prime Minister pledged that India will obtain 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030, and that overall estimated carbon emissions would be reduced by one billion tonnes by the same year.


In line with this government initiative, PI Green Innovations Pvt. Ltd. vision is to provide sustainable solutions for air pollution where citizens are the ultimate beneficiaries. With this rebranding, the company has geared up and taken a step ahead to reach its aim with the launch of a logo that clearly displays the brand’s value after a few years in operation. The logo delivers the message of a clean visual that represents the ethos of PI Green as a responsible, ethical and clean company. The focus is on a greener planet, emerging from its industrial reality.PI Green innovates in empowering government authorities and organisations to solve the issue of significant public health scare in the form of air pollution, as part of its aim to make clean air available to everyone. The tagline emphasises the brand’s mission to deliver sustainable solutions for cleaner air.

Talking about the rebranding initiative, co-founder & CEO Mr. Irfan Pathan said, “There is a high demand of clean market for clean-tech solutions for air pollution is growing, and so is the demand for our products and green solutions. PI Green Innovations has grown into a go-to resource for environmental challenges, and we want to take it a step further. As a result, we wanted to ensure that the company’s logo matches our vision and identity. We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals and future generations have a sustainable future. Thus, our entire team is looking forward to delivering and bringing this much-needed change.”

The company was established in 2017 with the goal of developing technology-driven solutions for reducing particulate matter emissions (PM 2.5/10) both at the source and in the ambient air. Carboncutter, a filterless, completely automatic retrofit, and RepAir – a filterless ambient air-purification tower that can be installed in public spaces has secured the company’s place as the most promising green technology company. The company’s patented filterless technology lies at the core of its innovations. Their groundbreaking filterless technique has been recognized as one of the most effective ways to minimise air pollution at the Smogathon Poland 2018 event.


About Pl Green Innovations:

Pi Green Innovations is a cleantech company, founded with the aim of creating technology-driven solutions for the reduction of particulate matter emissions (PM 2.5/10) at source and from the ambient air.The company’s key solutions include Carbon Cutter Machines- ‘filterless’ retrofits for diesel generators and heavy vehicles. In addition, Pi Green has also developed RepAir – a filterless ambient air-purification tower that can be installed in public spaces. The company’s revolutionary innovation has been rated as one of the best technologies globally to reduce air pollution at Smogathon 2018 in Poland and has also won several other industry awards. In 2021, Pi Green secured over $4.5 million in Series A funding from the Investment Fund of Opus Consulting. And Mr. Harshal Morde, director of Morde Foods, had previously provided $300,000 in startup finance its mission to make clean air accessible to everyone, PI Green Innovations is empowering government bodies and organisations to address the issue of a severe public health scare in the form of air pollution. The company is committed to creating sustainable solutions for a greener future. Innovations in technology and design are used to indigenously develop products that hold the promise of a cleaner environment.

Pi Green’s technology has patents granted in the USA, UK, China, EU, and Singapore.


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