Pitti Engineering vaccinated 7000 people across their manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Aurangabad


Hyderabad: In order to support the country in the fight against pandemic and to protect public and their employees and their families, Pitti Engineering Limited, an engineering company has undertaken vaccination drive for more than a week to vaccinate 7000 people spread across their corporate office and manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Aurangabad. This initiative aims to provide two shots of free COVID-19 vaccination to around 7,000 beneficiaries. The company had tied up with multiple healthcare facilities and had spent Rs. 2 crore for the entire vaccination drive.


Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Akshay S Pitti, Vice Chairman & Managing Director said, “We have followed all government mandated guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for our employees at our offices and plants. Covering the cost of vaccination for 7000 people including our employees is a small gesture from the organisation to combat Covid-19 and to give back to society. The best contribution we can all make together in these trying times is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible to put the pandemic behind us.”


Pitti Engineering took several measures to ensure well-being of employees during the lockdown. Apart from maintaining stringent safety protocols at plants and offices, the company also worked in ensuring psychological wellbeing of its employees and their family members through various online initiatives.


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