PKU and WHU hold second online lecture on internship programs in international organizations

Peking: The Student Career Center of Peking University (PKU) and Wuhan University (WHU) jointly held the second International Organization Career Course. Yang Xiangyi from China Scholarship Council (CSC) gave a detailed introduction of work requirements in international organizations and relevant policies of CSC.

Founded in 1996, CSC is directly under the Ministry of Education of PRC , and it is in charge of the administration and funding of both Chinese citizens studying abroad and international students in China. CSC focuses on cultivating professionals in the fields of advanced technology, non-universal languages, international organizations, and area studies. Since 2014, CSC has established several major internship programs for students who are interested in working for international organizations, which facilitates the applications and enrollment procedures of both sides.

On the work requirements in international organisations, Yang took UN as an example and detailed five types of positions regarding UN internships, including interns, associate experts, volunteers, Junior Professional Officers (JPO), and Young Professional Program (YPP).

At the Q&A session, Yang encouraged students to apply for the internships in international organizations and make contributions to international affairs.

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