PKU high-level sports teams train hard for China National

Peking: The high-level sports teams of Peking University have been training vigorously over the past summer vacation, gearing up for the China National University Games (CNUG) that will be held on October 9.

An Yufeng, vice chair of Peking University Council, Qian Junwei, dean of the Department of Physical Education and Wang Tao, a world champion and now the head coach of Bayi Table Tennis Team, went to PKU table tennis team to offer their guidance and encouragement. Liu Wei, coach of the PKU table tennis team, introduced the team’s development and preparations for the upcoming CNUG. An encouraged the team member to learn from previous experience and make full preparations. Wang gave targeted technical advice to PKU team.


With regard to the football team, members went to Longjing, a small city located in northeastern China, where they trained for three weeks from August 10 to 31 and took part in a match with their counterparts from Yanbian University. During the meeting following the match, players from both sides expressed their hopes to build a long-lasting friendship.


The track and field team trained in Wuchuan base in Inner Mongolia since July, around the time when the COVID-19 pandemic was nearing its end in China. However, the lack of systematic training in the first half of the year coupled with the harsh sub-plateau conditions meant that this journey would present itself to be much more difficult than before. However, as time progressed, members of the team felt themselves becoming stronger. Cooperation with one another was also becoming more and more effective. This was due to the targeted, personalized training plan tailored by their coach, Teng Weiying, and the meticulous care given by the team doctors and logistical staff.


As for the aerobics team, many members were unable to return to the campus in the first half of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But they continued their training online every afternoon with their instructors. The aerobics team made a transition from online training to offline training on August 11. They have been busy preparing for the CNUG. Their training plans, which are targeted and efficient, focus on physical recovery, set arrangement and challenging exercises.

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