PKU holds video conference with Royal Academy of Engineering and University of Strathclyde

Peking: On July 8, Hao Ping, president of Peking University, held a video conference with Jim MacDonald, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering and president of the University of Strathclyde. Both sides exchanged views on future collaboration.

Peking University has thrown its weight behind the fight against COVID-19, not only stepping up efforts in education but also participating in the global anti-pandemic effort. As Hao noted, global cooperation is especially important to this regard. Both the Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Strathclyde boast a wealth of academic resources and strong research capacity. There is huge potential for collaboration between PKU and the two institutions across a variety of professional fields. PKU hopes to establish an academic partnership with the two institutions, and jointly contribute to China-UK engagement in the areas of humanities and education in the post-pandemic era.

MacDonald shared on contributions made by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Strathclyde in Britain’s battle against COVID-19, and expressed willingness and anticipation regarding further collaboration with PKU.

As part of the conference, faculty members from PKU also hosted discussions on a variety of fields with the British side.

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