PKU Sixth Hospital aids post-COVID-19 rehabilitation and psychological counseling work in Wuhan

Peking: Lu Lin, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, president of the Peking University Sixth Hospital, led his team to assist the post-COVID-19 rehabilitation and psychological counseling work in Wuhan on May 15.

In half a month, Lu’s team visited more than 20 hospitals to collect information about the rehabilitation and psychological status of the patients and hospital workers. To further their research, Lu’s team collected fresh data from different communities and age groups in the Wuchang district, which was combined with previous research done in Wuhan’s hospitals, creating an improved and more complete picture of the post-COVID-19 situation.

Out of all of the age groups studied, Lu would like to emphasize the effect of COVID-19 on university students in Wuhan. His team conducted a series of surveys in various universities to observe the psychological services on campus and to evaluate the students’ mental health status. He hoped that universities can employ mental health professionals to help students receive instant diagnosis and treatment. He also advised that education on mental health should be provided on campus for any students in need.

Lu pointed out that although the epidemic situation has stabilized in China, many patients in Wuhan still suffered from their traumatic experiences. The post-COVID-19 rehabilitation thus continues to be a comprehensive social problem that requires a sequence of systematic solutions. On the one hand, there shall be more platforms like the extant “Supporting System of Strengthening Lung and Mental Health” of the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, which provides online counseling services and mental health education. On the other hand, hospitals across the country, including Peking University Sixth Hospital, should unite together to ensure Hubei citizens’ mental health, aiming for a societal and industrial recovery.