Placio-Student Housing Start-up Enters Delhi

New Delhi: With the increasing number of outstation students in Delhi University campus, there is challenge for students to find a good accommodation. Most of the student accommodation available is either PGs or hostels, which are substandard or not available to everyone. But now students can say bye bye to these problems as one of the leading player Placio, student housing startup has announced mega expansion plans at Delhi University campus, both South & North campus and Laxmi Nagar thus launching 2000 beds. With this, the company is addressing the needs of the rapidly expanding college student population of India – by providing safe, clean, amenity-filled housing with a strong community and technology backbone.
With this, Placio has expanded to total 6 destinations – Noida, Lucknow, Indore, Laxmi Nagar, DU North campus and DU South campus registering 600% capacity growth, hiring more than 60 in hospitality, customer relations, Facility management and others. The company has added 100+ number of units and this year plans to target 7500 lakh beds across 6 Locations.
According to Mr. Rohit Pateria, Founder & CEO – Placio, “Every year students face an abundance of accommodation nightmares. Due to the competitive nature of the property market, students often expect to live in poor conditions. Placio is addressing housing needs of college student coming to study from outstation
He further added that Universities provide accommodation to only 5-10% of the total students enrolled. This happens due to the limited provision for accommodation at the University. There remains a huge need for safe and affordable student accommodation in most of the university
There are a number of issues concerning accommodation, which have an impact on students’ accommodation experience. Firstly, the housing shortage and the large increase in property prices and therefore rental accommodation availability and access has led to a large problem for all institutions in meeting housing needs in the local areas surrounding education providers
In a study conducted by Placio it highlighted serious upheaval for students, frequently including homesickness and the stress of coping with a new environment, new people and new experiences.