Plaksha University holds Convocation for Technology Leaders Program

New Delhi: Plaksha University, one of India’s largest collective philanthropy efforts to build a tech university of global eminence, held the convocation ceremony for the third cohort of the Plaksha Technology Leaders Program at the Mohali campus.

Technology Leaders Program (TLP) is a one-year, postgraduate program co-delivered with UC Berkeley which interweaves courses in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, principles of Design Thinking, real world applications like Capstone projects, entrepreneurial Challenge Lab and Leadership.


The chief guest at the first convocation held on campus was Dr. Ramesh Hariharan, CEO, and Co-founder of Strand Life Sciences. The attendees included Plaksha University’s TLP graduates, Dr. Rudra Pratap, the Founding Vice Chancellor of Plaksha University, and Plaksha University’s Founders and Trustees.


48 students in the 3rd cohort of this one-year flagship program were awarded their diplomas during the ceremony, which began with introducing the chief guest and showcasing student achievements.

In the opening speech, Prof. Rudra Pratap, Founding Vice Chancellor of Plaksha University, highlighted how human vulnerability has come to the fore in stark terms, especially in the last couple of years. As part of his address to the graduating batch, he said, “It is crucial for you all to be at the frontier of research in emerging technology and its effects on society, building on your learnings at Plaksha University. The time you have spent familiarizing yourself with the myriad aspects of emerging technology makes you ‘Tech Leaders’ for this Techade. As tomorrow’s leaders, apply your learnings to increase organizational resilience and agility and lead the world to withstand the necessary change to recover from the adversity that may lie ahead.”

He further added, “We will always have a place for you at Plaksha University. You can come back here anytime for intellectual comfort and go back enriched”.

Congratulating the graduates, Dr. Ramesh Hariharan, CEO, and Co-founder of Strand Life Sciences said, “You are graduating at a time when technology is accelerating at a much greater pace than ever before. As we enter the new technology era, we realize that several societal problems remain unsolved and data is pivotal in solving many of these problems. The faculty at Plaksha University has played a significant role in building your understanding of the world of emerging technology and equipped you with a solid foundation in AI-ML, computing infrastructure, Data Science Core, Design thinking, etc. As you progress in your professional journey, make the world a better place through your meaningful efforts by keeping your educational foundation at the center of real-world experiences.

A significant number of TLP graduates from earlier cohorts have taken up technical roles in organizations across diverse sectors including Product Management, Software Development etc. with almost 3x the industry pay scale. A few other students who have passed out from the earlier batches have also pursued research based roles or have taken a leap into entrepreneurship.

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