I Plan to Enroll into Aakash Coaching Institute.


Am I Taking the Right Decision?

A significant number of students choose to study science after their 10th boards with an aim to become doctors and engineers. However, the journey to a medical or an engineering college is highly competitive and requires one to ace entrance exams like NEET, AIIMS or JEE.  Now, cracking these extremely competitive entrance exams is no easy task, but nonetheless possible.

Since I also appeared for AIIMS a couple of years ago and successfully secured a seat, I know how taxing the preparation process can be. Preparing for competitive exams requires unparalleled dedication and a set of tools that one can effectively use to aid their preparation. Coaching institutes help a candidate prepare for these entrance exams. Aakash Institute is one the oldest and most successful coaching institute in India with unmatched results track record. I was enrolled in this institute during my two-year preparation journey, and my experience has been outstanding with them. There are plenty of Aakash Institute Delhi Reviews, and I will like to answer your question since I studied at one of their centers in Delhi. Here’s why their success mantra works!

Expert Faculty

Aakash Institute has highly qualified and trained faculty with relevant experience in teaching. The faculty is competent and qualified from central universities and top institutes in the country like the IITs, NITs, and other reputed institutes. If you have read the Reviews, or ask from your seniors, then you will know that the faculty has the edge over others.

How are they different? Action Based Coaching (ABC)

The institute engages in the ABC technique which helps in clearing the fundamental concepts of a student. What this method aims at is particularly useful to lay strong foundations. With strong foundations, a student can perform better and think out-of-the-box. Being a medical student I always struggled with calculus, but at Aakash, the faculty helped me in building strong foundations that led me to excel in physics.

Relevant Study Material and Test Papers

The study material provided by the institute is conceptually designed and is easy to understand. Study material caters to both competitive as well as board exams so that students can study from a single source. Every subject has an interactive blend of information and analysis. Concept building exercises are supplemented with various competitive tests. Also, the syllabus is divided into small feasible units. Subject experts specially design the test papers and follow the latest examination pattern.

Competitive Environment – Effective Time Management

Students at the institute are exposed to a competitive studying environment to help them prepare better. A competitive environment helps students to manage their time and develop better efficiency. The syllabus is completed well before time, and it leaves an ample amount of time for practice tests and revision. Their highly-trained faculty has been consistently producing excellent results every year. I was honestly glad I chose this renowned institute as it helped me face the competition better.

Doubt Resolution

No student is left with doubt in their mind, and the expert faculty regularly holds doubt clearing sessions. No matter how many times you face a problem, a subject specialist will always facilitate students and even encourage them to ask questions.


I was fortunate to take the right decision by choosing this as my coaching institute. Now while I study at AIIMS and recall my journey to this prestigious institution, I realize how the institute mentored me and contributed to my success story. I highly recommend it to you and every student looking to succeed in competitive exams.