“Plant Day” at PetrSU

For the fourth time, since 2013, the Department of Botany and Physiology of Plants of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies held the International Day of Plants within the walls of the university.
Almost all teachers of the department V.I. Androsov, G.S. Antipina, T.Yu. Dyachkova, N.A. Elkina, K.V. Morozova, S.V. Raznovskaya, L.A. Sergienko, A.A. Starodubtseva, A.V. Sonina, V.N. Tarasova, E.N. Terebova, S.A. Trofimova.

This year, schoolchildren could attend 8 sections: “What are antioxidants?”, “Secrets of the forest thicket”, “Aromatic and spicy plants”, quiz “How does chocolate grow?”, “What can lichens?”, “By seeds and seedlings” , photo exhibition and riddles “On the coast of the White Sea”, “Green treasury of swamps”. It was a circulation of information and feelings among schoolchildren. The guys conducted experiments, examined botanical objects through binoculars and a microscope, solved botanical puzzles, tasted and smelled plants, drank sea water, asked questions, and most importantly they learned more and more about plants, how they work and what invaluable role they play in people’s lives and in the life of the entire planet.

In total, 210 schoolchildren came to the Plant Day, several schools from Petrozavodsk (120 schoolchildren), Kondopoga (30 schoolchildren) and Prionezhsky district (60 schoolchildren) participated. Each participant received a certificate, the teachers were thanked for their interest in the event.

Students of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies took a great part in organizing the event: Anastasia Svirida, Veronika Vasyuta, Ilya Levkin, Roman Evtukhovich, Alexander Shevyakov, Denis Ryabkov, Nikolai Galeshkin, Diana Nikitchenko, Ksenia Pronina, Tatiana Belova, Valeria Kiryanova, Marina Germanova Vladislav Yatsenko, Anna Nukolova, Natalia Chechkova, Alina Osipova, Zadvornaya Angelina, Moisey Chigir. They helped the teachers at the stations, as well as carefully met and accompanied the schoolchildren to the botanical stations, introducing them to the university.

The event left the most positive emotions for all its participants.