“Plant growing and phytodesign” – a new direction of training at PetrSU

At the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agrotechnology of PetrSU, the admission of students for the new bachelor’s profile “Crop Production and Phytodesign” of the “Agronomy” direction of training begins.
This profile was formed as a result of the analysis of the labor market, both in our republic and in neighboring regions of Russia. In 2021, additional disciplines are introduced for the new profile: medicinal plants, seed growing, seed science with the basics of selection, berry growing, mushroom growing, world landscape art, phytodesign and floristry, lawn science with the basics of landscape design, ecology of agricultural landscapes, etc.

Phytodesign is the design and methods of decorating the interior of residential and office premises with plants, taking into account their biological compatibility and environmental features that can have a beneficial effect on indoor air quality.

Specialties related to phytodesign are currently considered fashionable among the youth, they are in demand in the labor market. The professions of phytodesigner, landscape designer, florist – designer, arranger of flower bouquets are gradually becoming among the most attractive professions over the past decades. These professions require a comprehensive education – natural science, art, require a specialist to be a very good psychologist in order to understand what feelings and emotions a particular composition evokes. In the future, this profession will become even more popular, because flowers are a necessary part of our life.

Restaurants, hotels, boutiques, shopping centers, beauty salons, banks, offices of large companies – almost everywhere you can find living plants, harmoniously integrated into the overall concept of the interior. These elements of nature give the room a fresh look, improve air quality and help to draw the visitor’s eyes to certain areas of the room.

By purposefully selecting plants, you can create optimal microclimatic and sanitary and hygienic conditions in interiors of any functional purpose. Currently, the concept of “phytodesign” also includes flower arrangements made from cut material – floristry and compositions from dry, artificial or canned plant material.

The opening of this profile will increase the demand for graduates and create conditions for their more successful employment.

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