Platform 65 hosts Women’s Day Special ‘Queen’s Brunch’

Hyderabad : For over decades the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women have been remembered and celebrated on International Women’s Day. On this occasion, in raising a toast to womanhood Platform 65, a train-themed restaurant chain organized ‘Queen’s Brunch’ by arranging a delightful brunch for all the beautiful ladies in Hyderabad.


To make this day memorable and to celebrate womanhood, Platform 65 offered special dining exclusively for women at its two branches –Kondapur and Kompally. They organized experience-based women’s Day special traditional dining, where food was served on specially-decorated mini toy trains.


The restaurant was beautifully decorated with red balloons, and they welcomed guests by offering a red rose. The soothing, theme-based background music lets all visitors soak in the spirit of love and enjoy their time with their loved ones.


The restaurant also offered a twenty percent discount to ladies’ groups (not less than 8 members), who came together for celebrating the special day. To make them feel special Platform 65 also gave away 15 percent discount coupon codes to be redeemed at their favorite beauty salons. Visitors enjoyed aromatic delicacies and traditional cuisines of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh at Platform 65.


The restaurant also served Women’s Day special complimentary drinks with a majestic spread of delicacies for all the women who have visited their branches.


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