PM Modi addresses first ever I2U2 virtual summit; India-Israel-UAE-USA to increase investments in fields of water, energy, environment, health and space

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that under the I2U2 Framework, India-Israel-UAE-USA are working to increase investments in the fields of water, energy, environment, health and space. He said that I2U2 has set a positive agenda from the very first summit and by combining the skills of the nations, they can come together for the good of humanity.

Addressing the First I2U2 Summit in a virtual format, the Prime Minister said, they will work towards ensuring food security and propelling development initiatives globally. He added that joint projects in many areas have been identified and a roadmap has been made to move forward in them. He stressed this cooperative framework is a good model for practical cooperation in the face of increasing global uncertainties. He expressed confidence that with I2U2, a significant contribution will be made toward Energy Security, Food Security and Economic Growth globally.