PM Narendra Modi addresses the 56th Convocation of IIT Madras

Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 56th Convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras today.

Addressing the gathering Prime Minister said, “In front of me is both a mini-India and the spirit of New India. There is energy, vibrancy and positivity. I could see dreams of the future in your eyes. I could see the destiny of India in your eyes”. Congratulating the parents and teachers of the graduating students, PM also lauded the support staff. “I also want to highlight the role of the support staff. The silent, behind the scenes people who prepared your food, kept the classes clean, kept the hostels clean”.

PM said that there is confidence in the abilities in the young people of India. “During my visit to the U.S., in our discussions there was one thread common. It was optimism about New India. The Indian community has made a mark for itself all over the world, especially in science, technology and innovation. Who is powering this? Lot of them are your IIT seniors. You are making Brand India stronger globally”.

“Today as India is aspiring to become a 5 billion dollar economy, your innovation and aspiration of technology will fuel this dream. It will become the bedrock of India to become the most competitive economy. India’s innovation is a great blend of economics and utility”.

We have worked to create a robust ecosystem for research and innovation in our country. Atal Incubation Centres are being created in many institutions. The next step is to find a market for the startups, PM added.

PM exhorted, “Your hard work made the impossible possible. There are many opportunities awaiting you, not all of them are easy. Never stop dreaming, keep challenging yourself. That way you will become a better version of yourself”.

PM urged, “No matter where you work, where you live, do also keep in mind, the needs of your motherland, your Mother India. Think of how your work, research, innovation will help your motherland. It is also your social responsibility”.

“Today, as a society, we want to move beyond single use plastics. What can be an environmentally friendly replacement that offers similar use but not similar disadvantages? This is when we look towards our young innovators like you. When technology comes together with data science, diagnostics, behavioural science and medicine, interesting insights can emerge”, PM added.

“There are two types of people- those who live and those who exist.” Quoting Swami Vivekananda, PM said that those who live for others live a happy and fulfilled life.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his address by adding that education and learning is a continuous process. He requested the students to continue learning and exploring even after leaving the institute.