PM Narendra Modi inaugurates 5th India International Science Festival at Kolkata via video conferencing

New Delhi: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, inaugurated via video conference, the 5th India International Science Festival at Kolkata.

Addressing on the occasion, Prime Minister said the theme of the festival “RISEN: Research, Innovation and Science Empowering the Nation” reflects the aspirations of 21st century India.

He said science and technology has a major impact on society, and therefore government is providing the Institutional Support for both Invention and Innovation. Advocating for a strong ecosystem supporting Science and Technology, he said every effort is being taken to support innovation in the country. In this context, he mentioned that over 5 thousand Atal Tinkering Labs, more than 200 Atal Incubation centres have been established.

Prime Minster said, “We need to think as to how science can be helpful in making our living easy. And that’s why science for society has a great relevance. When every scientist and citizen shall think and act on these lines, then the country would advance.”

Prime Minster urged everyone to focus on the long term solutions and long term benefits that science can provide us. He said, “you should also be constantly careful about the international laws and standards.”

He said, “We all know very well that technology is a result of two factors – the existence of a problem and our experiments to solve those problems.”

He said, “There are no failures in Science. There are only efforts, experiments and success. If you keep this in mind while working then you would not face any difficulties either in your scientific investigation or in your life.”