PM Narendra Modi lays foundation stone for memorial museum of Shri Shri Shivakumar Swamiji

New Delhi: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited the Shri Siddhaganga Mutt in Tumkuru, Karnataka and laid the foundation stone for a memorial museum of Shri Shri Shivakumar Swamiji.

PM Modi while addressing at Shri Siddhaganga Mutt in Tumkuru, said he is fortunate that he is beginning the year 2020 from such pious land; He wished that the sacred energy of Sree Siddaganga Mutt enriches the lives of the people of our country.

He said, “We all feel the physical absence of Pujya Swami Shri Sri Shivkumar ji. I have personally experienced that his mere gaze was enriching and inspiring. With his inspiring personality this holy place has been giving direction to the society for decades”.

He said, “It is good fortune that I got an opportunity to lay the foundation stone of the museum to be built in the memory of Shri Shri Shivakumar Ji. This museum will not only inspire people, but will also serve to give direction to the society and country.”

Prime Minister said that India has entered the third decade of the 21st century with new energy and renewed vigor.

He asked the nation to remember how the last decade began. In contrast, he said, the third decade of the 21st Century has started on a strong footing of expectations, aspirations.

He said “The aspiration is for a new India. This aspiration is of young dreams. This is the aspiration of the sisters and daughters of the country. This aspiration is for the poor, downtrodden, deprived, afflicted, backward, tribals of the country”.

“This aspiration is to see India as a prosperous, capable and all-encompassing world power.It has now become the psyche of every Indian that the problems we have inherited have to be solved. This message emanating from the society also inspires, encourages our government.”

Prime Minister said that people fled from Pakistan to India, to save their lives, to save the lives of their daughters.

He further said that every countrymen has a question as to why people don’t speak against Pakistan and instead processions are being taken out against these people.

To those who are agitating against the Parliament of India, Prime Minister said, “If you have to agitate, raise your voice against the exploits of Pakistan in the last 70 years. Now the need is to expose this action of Pakistan at the international level. If you have to raise slogans, then raise slogans related to the way minorities are being tortured in Pakistan. If you have to take out a procession then take out a procession in support of Hindu-Dalit-victim-exploited from Pakistan”.

Prime Minister sought active support from Sant Samaj in 3 resolutions.

First, to reinforce India’s ancient culture of giving importance to every individual’s duties and obligations.

Second, to protect nature and the environment.

And third, to cooperate in public awareness for water conservation, water harvesting.

He said that India has always viewed saints, sages, gurus as a lighthouse for the right path.