PM’s interaction with ITBP excursion groups of students from Sikkim and Ladakh

New Delhi: 53 students from Sikkim and Ladakh, who are part of two ITBP excursion groups visiting different parts of India, called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. Interacting informally with the Prime Minister, they shared their vision of a prosperous, corruption-free India. The Prime Minister exhorted them to work towards achieving this vision. He also urged students to keep fit, in order to be more productive. In this context, the same significance of Yoga was also discussed.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of learning, and said there should be a natural inclination to be a learner at all times.

The students showed keen interest in Digital India. Cashless transactions also came up for discussion. The Prime Minister explained how Direct Benefit Transfers are benefiting the common people.

The students mentioned the book “Exam Warriors”, written by the Prime Minister, who exhorted them to live their life without undue stress and pressure.