Podar Innovation Centre implements Special Scheme of Assessment for students of Classes X and XII

Mumbai: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently announced the change in the examination pattern for classes X and XII for the 2021-22 Session. The Podar Innovation Centre implemented Special Scheme of Assessment for students of Classes X and XII basis the new CBSE examination pattern. Podar Innovation Centre team assisted in rolling-out the new pattern in all the Podar International schools pan India and ensured that 13,240 students (7,106 from Std. IX and 6,134 from Std. X) from 75 Podar International Schools got enough practice to write the exam according to the new exam pattern. The students have been well prepared to attempt the exams confidently to achieve good results.


For the academic year 2021-22, the CBSE has changed the exam pattern for grades IX and X. They will use the semester system, which will make it easier for students to meet their learning objectives. The Board provided a rationalized syllabus for each term. At the end of each term, the Board Exam will be held.


Taking note of the changes, Ms. Renee Bijlani, Head, Podar innovation Centre said, “The Podar Innovation Centre has taken proactive measures by implementing the Special Scheme of Assessment at Podar International Schools across India to assist students in becoming familiar with the new pattern. On the 8th of July, a meeting with 9 mentor principals was held to propose and discuss the new exam pattern planning. Prior to the pandemic, students in grades IX and X had four school exams. To ensure that students get enough practise, the number has been increased to five.”


Further she added, “Dealing with changes in academic patterns can be stressful for students in the current atmosphere, especially during the crucial years of board exams. However, the team at Podar Innovation Centre is always working towards making the process simplified and easier for students so that they can achieve their full potential and deliver excellent results. It’s always our endeavour to enable and assist our faculty at various Podar International Schools to derive the best.”


The Term I Board exam will be conducted in November/December. Term II will be conducted in March/April. The Exam pattern for both the terms is different. In Term I the Question Paper will be of 90-minute duration and will have only Multiple-ChoiceQuestions. Students will have to mark the answers on an OMR sheet.


While In Term II, the Question Paper will be of 2 hours duration and will have questions in different formats. In case the situation is not conducive for a normal descriptive examination, then a 90 minute MCQ based exam will be conducted at the end of Term II as well.


According to the special scheme, two exams have been scheduled prior to the Term I Board exams, the first of which was held in September. Practice papers are provided for each lesson to ensure that students get enough MCQ practise. The question papers were created using the CBSE board’s sample papers as a guide. The Practice papers and Question papers had varieties of questions (Case Studies, Assertion and Reasoning) to test critical thinking and analytical ability. Pre-Board 1 will be conducted in October on the same lines; and will incorporate any new changes given by the CBSE board. Furthermore, three exams have been planned for Term II. The Practice papers and question papers for Term II will be based on Term II Sample papers.