Poetry and Story finds space at the first edition of Ambassador Book Club

Rama Pandey appeals for peace

New Delhi : Curated by Ambassador, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions, in association with RAMA THEATRE NATYA VIDYA (RATNAV) Foundation, the first edition of Ambassador Book Club embarked yesterday at the the iconic Ambassador, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions in Sujan Singh Park. The event featured renowned authors reciting their beautiful collection of stories and poetries. The authors included Hindi poet and lyricist Dr. Balswaroop Raahi , Renu Shahanwaz Hussain , Writer, Director and founder of RATNAV , Rama Pandey, Dr. Laxmi Shanker Vajpayee, Mukesh Manas and Sangita Menon Malhan. The event is aimed at discovering, celebrating and shaping a receptive climate for poetry and storytelling by creating new avenues for delivery and to preserve the oral traditions of our rich heritage.

The event featured a diverse mix of poetry and stories in languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, and German. The event commenced with famous Hindi poet and lyricist Dr. Balswaroop Raahi’s mesmerizing Shayari, setting the mood for the rest of the evening. Director and founder of RATNAV, Rama Pandey recited her collection of poetry depicting the importance of new relations in the family and what joy they bring in the family. She dedicated her poem ‘Ma se ma tak’ to her beloved mother. She also sang her famous written song ‘ ‘Shaam mere peelo pad gayo gat’ which has been used in various cultural programs. Renu Shahanwaz Hussain raised the storytelling aspect of the event with her story ‘Gunti’ based on the animal metaphors. Dr.Laxmi Shanker Vajpayee Performed his Ghazals including ‘‘Humari har kahani main tumara ata hai’’ and ‘‘chupayen raaz kitne hein’’ along with his on-point Shayari leaving the audience asking for more.

Sangita Menon gave multi-dimension touch to the event with her English and German Poem ‘‘Smithereens’’ depicting the increase of the riots and violence in India in the past years. She also recited her Urdu written poem ‘’Nazdikiyaan’’ portraying the emotions of love and hate in a relationship. Mukesh Manas continued the storytelling tradition of the event with his collection of love stories. Rama Pandey’s poetry title “Shaurya Chakra” on the bravery award vis-à-vis nation kept the audience spellbound.

On the occasion of the first edition of the Ambassador Book Club, Founder of RATNAV, Rama Pandey appealed for peace in national capital and said, “Delhi is known as the ‘‘heart of people’’ and despite the riots happening in State, Delhi will still stand firm and will continue to make its path to the heart of the people. Through ‘’Ambassador book club’’ we wish to write a new aspect of Delhi in this iconic and heritage hotel, Ambassador, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions, and I hope more and more people will indulge in this initiative making it bigger than ever”

RATNAV is a foundation working for the preservation of traditional oral arts in India and for the livelihood of artists. Commemorating the glory of Lutyen’s Delhi and raising a toast to its legacy, history & landscape, Ambassador, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions, which is now a heritage hotel will be hosting Ambassador Book Club” on every month’s second and last Friday.