Poetry evening in Segezha “I love you, Karelia”

Within the framework of cooperation between PetrSU and the Segezha municipal district, a poetry evening “I love you, Karelia!” Was held, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia.
The event was held in a face-to-face distance format.

The event was organized by the PetrSU Interdistrict Resource Center in Segezha, the Institute of Philology of PetrSU and the Segezha Centralized Library System.

Among the listeners are employees of the Segezha Central Regional Library, teachers and students of the Northern College of the Republic of Kazakhstan, members of the Revelation poetry club, members of the Segezhanka regional women’s public organization, residents of Segezha.

Director of the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Segezha Elena Yurievna Guseva, Deputy Director of the Scientific Library of PetrSU Lidia Valerievna Kovalevskaya, Deputy Director of the MBU “Segezhskaya Central Library System” Lyubov Mikhailovna Rigoeva addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

The poetry evening was opened by Elena Evgenievna Pietilyainen, editor-in-chief of the Sever magazine, chairman of the Karelian regional branch of the Russian Writers ‘Union, secretary of the Board of the Russian Writers’ Union. Poems and a song to her words “My destiny, Karelia” were performed.

Candidate of Philology, member of the Union of Russian Writers Svetlana Olegovna Zakharchenko and members of the poetry club “Revelation” in Segezha: Alla Roshchina, Svetlana Dengina, Marina Kaksimkova, Tatyana Ievleva, Tatyana Vasilkova read their poems about Karelia. Lyudmila Stepanovna Anufrieva, head of the “Revelation” poetry club, spoke about the creative activity of the Segezha Poetic Club, which is already 16 years old.

The evening took place in the children’s and youth department of the Segezha Central Regional Library and lasted for several hours in a warm, sincere atmosphere. Poems flowed like a song. And I didn’t want to leave. The participants in the evening exchanged experiences and recited poems filled with love for our republic. The cozy atmosphere of the meeting promoted creative communication and left a wonderful impression

– said the organizers of the meeting.

Elena Evgenievna Pietilaynen thanked the organizers of the event and left a comment on her personal page “VKontakte”:

Today was a poetry evening in Segezha online. I thank the organizers – L.M. Rigoev, director of the library, and E.Yu. Gusev, director of the PetrSU Interdistrict Resource Center in Segezha. Svetlana Zakharchenko, Lydia Kovalevskaya and members of the Segezha poetry club “Revelation” took part in the creative meeting dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Karelia. It’s great that new opportunities for virtual communication allow people from different cities to meet and turn to the poetry of different authors. I did not have time to complete the meeting in Segezha when I received an invitation from Monchegorsk to also meet with readers in an online format. Now, in my editorial office of the Sever magazine, I can speak to the whole of Karelia and Russia.

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