Politecnico di Milano: A New Polimi Study Makes The Cover Of Catalysis Science And Technology

A new study by Politecnico di Milano into the thermo-catalytic activation of CO2 is the cover story of the latest edition of the Catalysis Science and Technology journal by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The article explains the work carried out by Professor Matteo Maestri’s team of the Catalysis and Catalytic Processes Laboratory of the Department of Energy.

The document highlights how recycling carbon dioxide by reducing with hydrogen from renewable sources plays an important role in energy transition, to avoid accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere and to make it possible to synthesise high-energy-density fuels produced using renewable energy.

Catalysis is fundamental in this process. This review article attempts to fill in the gaps on this question, gathering and rationalising state-of-the-art literature, analysing and suggesting orientation and future challenges regarding the aspects of the catalytic mechanism and multiscale analyses from catalyser to reactor solutions.

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