Politecnico di Milano: Four Eccomas Awards To Mox Researchers

Excellent results have been obtained by professors and researchers of the MOX, the Modelling and Scientific Computing Laboratory of our Department of Mathematics, during the ECCOMAS Conference in Oslo. ECCOMAS is an organization that promotes activities of European universities, research institutes and industries which are active in the development and application of computational methods in applied sciences.

Alfio Quarteroni has been awarded the Euler Medal 2022, for his outstanding and sustained contributions to the area of computational solid and structural mechanics.

For their work in computational mathematics, Paola Antonietti has received the Jacques Louis Lions Award 2020 and Andrea Manzoni has received the Jacques Louis Lions Award 2022.

Francesco Regazzoni has received the ECCOMAS PhD Award 2020, for his PhD thesis “Mathematical Modeling and Machine Learning for the Numerical Simulation of Cardiac Electromechanics”.