Politecnico di Milano: Giorgio Modena Medal Awarded To Pierangelo Metrangolo

Professor Pierangelo Metrangolo of the Giulio Natta Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering has been awarded the 2021 Giorgio Modena Medal.

The award ceremony took place during the XXVII National Congress of the Italian Chemical Society.

The prize was created in 2019 and awarded every two years to honour the memory and work of Giorgio Modena. Modena was a pioneer of physical organic chemistry and asymmetric catalysis research and founded an internationally recognised research centre dedicated to the study of reaction mechanisms.

The Managing Board of the Division of Organic Chemistry awarded the prestigious honour for:

originality and methodological rigour of his research on the chemistry of halogenated compounds. Starting from pioneering studies on weak intermolecular interactions based on halogen bonding, his research enabled molecular and supramolecular materials to be fine-tuned resulting in innovative spin-offs and applications in sectors ranging from materials science to biology.

The winner’s lecture will take place on 23 September at 9:30 am.