Politecnico di Milano: Polimi PhD Students Awarded With Amelia Earhart Fellowship

Eleonora Andreis and Mariachiara Gallia, PhD Candidates in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, have been awarded with one of the Amelia Earhart 2022 Fellowships.

The scholarship was established in 1938 in honour of the famous female pilot Amelia Earhart, and it is granted by Zonta International to support PhD research by women in Space Science and Aerospace Engineering, a sector where globally women make up around around 25 percent of the workforce.

The focus of the research conducted by Eleonora Andreis concerns the application of autonomous navigation algorithms in the context of miniaturized interplanetary missions; the work of Mariachiara Gallia regards numerical simulation of in-flight ice accretion and ice protection systems.