Politecnico di Milano: Sinergy Flow Is The Overall Winner Of The 2021 National Innovation Award

The 2021 National Innovation Award (PNI) brought further important recognition for Sinergy Flow, the startup backed by PoliHub that was one of the winners of the 2021 StartCup Lombardia. Sinergy Flow’s idea is an innovative battery for energy storage for stationary applications on a medium and large scale, which uses sulphur-rich waste from the petrochemical industry in compliance with the principles of a Circular Economy.
The entries in the National Innovation Award are the best Italian hi-tech university projects, the winners of the 15 regional competitions, the StartCups. This year over 60 innovative enterprise projects competed on the theme “From research to business for a sustainable future”.

1.5 million euros were the total prize money awarded: approximately 500,000 in cash and one million in services, offered by the universities and incubators that are PNICube partners.

Another startup backed by PoliHub, Roplastic Recycling, with its solution for the circular synthesis of plastic material with high commercial value that uses waste that was impossible to recover before now, won the LIFTT Innovation Contest Award.

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