Politecnico di Milano: The Team Of The Politecnio Won Third Place At CSAW’21

The “Tower of Hanoi” team, consisting of students Daniele Mammone and Marco Meinardi from the Politecnico di Milano and Bruno Halltari and Tommaso Fontana from the University of Milan, were ranked third (and first in Europe) in the “Capture The Flag” competition at CSAW’21: the world’s largest student-run cybersecurity event.

CSAW is organised by the Center for Cybersecurity at New York University, and has now reached its 18th edition. It includes competitions, round table discussions, and events focusing on the latest technologies for protecting people, systems and data.

In the Capture The Flag cybersecurity competitions, the participants compete in teams, and have to identify realistic security problems in complex applications that are specially created by the organisers. The aim is to use these problems to read sensitive data (the so-called flags), while also defending yourself against attacks by the opposing teams.

This year’s competition involved over 50 teams from universities around the world, and the first two places were awarded to the PPP team (Carnegie Mellon University) and the SIGPwny team (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

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