PolyU: PolyU collaborates with C-MER Eye Care to nurture Hong Kong’s young optometrists in the Greater Bay Area

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) signed a five-year memorandum of understanding today with C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited to advance optometry development and eye and vision health in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

About 60 students of PolyU’s world-leading School of Optometry will receive up to three weeks of clinical training in C-MER hospitals, clinics and optical centres in Hong Kong and other Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities every year; while researchers and specialists from the School and C-MER will collaborate on scientific studies about myopia management and ageing eyes – the main eye health challenges shared by Hong Kong and the Nation.

The signing ceremony was held on PolyU’s campus, where Professor David SHUM, Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of PolyU, and Dr Dennis LAM, President and CEO of C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited, signed the document regarding the collaboration. The signing was witnessed by Professor Wing-tak WONG, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU; Professor Chi-ho TO, Chair Professor of Experimental Optometry and Head of School of Optometry of PolyU; and the senior management of C-MER Eye Care.

Professor Wong said, “C-MER Eye Care is an outstanding institution, both in terms of its massive teams of professional ophthalmologists and optometrists, as well as its well-established eyecare clinics across the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Beijing and Shanghai. PolyU is delighted to further strengthen its strategic collaboration with C-MER in advancing the research and talent development of optometry, particularly in terms of accelerating the field’s development in the Greater Bay Area.”

Dr Lam said, “Through our C-MER eye hospital and clinic network in the GBA, we are very pleased to provide the PolyU students not only with clinical trainings, but also opportunities to know more about GBA. Such first-hand experience about the GBA and the human network established will be very beneficial to those who choose to develop their careers in future in the GBA.”

The School of Optometry has been proactively collaborating with local ophthalmologists and counterparts around the world to provide students with hands-on experience, equipping them with the skills they need for their future careers.

Professor To said, “The support from C-MER will enhance the School’s optometric education, helping to take the local optometric profession to the next level.” He added that clinical training cooperation with C-MER clinics in Hong Kong has started since August, benefiting 38 final year optometry students so far.

The clinical training offered by C-MER in the GBA covers attachment programs to ophthalmologists on diagnosing and treating eye diseases, including medication and surgical treatment. Trainees will benefit from the rapid development of the optometry profession in the Mainland.

The collaboration also brings together the complementary strengths of the School’s world-leading research capability (with its research impact ranking first in Asia according to Clinical and Experimental Optometry), and C-MER’s vast network of some twenty ophthalmic clinics and hospitals in the GBA, Beijing, Shanghai, etc., making it the only Hong Kong medical service provider that has sizeable operations in the Mainland.

PolyU’s School of Optometry
The School of Optometry of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the only institution in Hong Kong that offers a bachelor’s honours degree programme in optometry leading to a professional qualification as an optometrist in Hong Kong. Optometrists are primary healthcare professionals who promote ocular health and vision through diagnosis and provision of suitable treatment options. The School’s undergraduate degree programme is regarded as one of the best globally. As a top-ranking optometry department in the world for research excellence, the School strives to undertake research-based teaching of the highest academic standards and to contribute to the promotion and delivery of high-quality vision and eye care in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited
C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited is the largest HK medical service provider in the Mainland China. It is also one of the largest eye care groups in HK and the only group that has a sizable operation in the Mainland. Apart from ophthalmology, C-MER is now expanding their service scopes to dentistry and other specialities. Their goal is to facilitate the integration of HK’s medical service through their growing network in the Mainland, so as to become a good platform which provides affordable and high quality medical services to people in the GBA and beyond.