PolyU: PolyU to launch International Summer School 2022, offering students an inspiring learning and cultural exchange experience

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is launching its International Summer School 2022 from June to August. Participants will undertake short-term study in PolyU’s globally renowned disciplines like fashion design and optometry, and apply their new skills in local community service projects. They will also explore engaging topics like artificial intelligence and science fiction, the evolution of world cuisine, or the science and myths of traditional Chinese medicine, under the guidance of PolyU’s leading scholars.

PolyU’s International Summer School 2022 offers both credit-bearing courses and participation in the Leadership Academy for Responsible Global Citizenship – a pioneering leadership and service-learning exchange programme. Applicants can choose to join both parts or only sign up for either one, allowing maximum flexibility to suit their schedules. The programme will be conducted both face-to-face and online.

The credit-bearing courses offer an array of intellectually stimulating subjects in three thematic areas, namely “Chinese Language, Culture and Society”, “Design, Innovation and Technology”, and “Business, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership”.

Meanwhile, under the Leadership Academy, participants will join one credit-bearing service-learning subject to learn about the social issues related to their service targets, apply their professional knowledge and skills (e.g., fashion design, augmented reality, vision screening, and air quality testing) in a service project, and develop their sense of global citizenship.

With the aim of helping overseas participants blend into the local life and culture, the PolyU International Summer School has a Buddy Programme that matches incoming participants with PolyU students, thus encouraging intercultural communication between PolyU students and the global community. The programme will also provide fun-filled, inspiring, and engaging cultural exchange activities, allowing participants to discover the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong.

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