Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: CEDETi UC expands the Neuropsychology Service

Starting in August, CEDETi UC announced an expansion of SeN, its Neuropsychology Service. This service works from the perspective of the life cycle, serving patients from 2 years old to centenarians. The goal is to offer an evaluation system that follows international quality standards and is performed by professionals with specialization in neuropsychology and extensive clinical experience.

“One of the silent consequences of the pandemic is the number of evaluations and health care that had to be postponed. However, with the opening of schools, the return to face-to-face work and more spaces for social interaction, this generates certain difficulties. more obvious and people think about resuming this type of suspended attention “,says Catalina Vidal, general coordinator of the Neuropsychology Service at CEDETi UC.

The Neuropsychology Service is a team made up of psychologists with training and clinical experience in the area, which during the pandemic has continued to carry out more urgent neuropsychological evaluations. All this under strict health protocols.

“We have always been preparing ourselves so that, upon returning to more stable times, we could serve in the best conditions those people who had decided to postpone their evaluation. That is why, as of this month, we are expanding the availability of care for children, adolescents and adults in our private practice in Las Tranqueras. In addition, we open limited quotas with a particular differentiated value (subsidized), for FONASA beneficiary patients who require a priority evaluation. These care will be carried out at the CEDETi UC headquarters located in the San Joaquín campus “, Catalina Vidal tells about this center installed on the second floor of the MIDE UC building .

These evaluations have limited quotas, which are attributed considering the complexity of the case and giving priority to the patients who are beneficiaries of FONASA. In order to carry out this specialized follow-up, the patient has the possibility of receiving the reports corresponding to the evaluation, which can also be reimbursed in Isapre, depending on the plan in place.

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