Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Chilean universities come together this Wednesday to Artifica Tu Casa 2021

During June of last year, in the first winter of this pandemic, the Directorate of Arts and Culture of the Catholic University created a festival dedicated to bringing the experience of different artistic disciplines to homes, while experiencing difficult months of quarantine. Artifica UC 2020 had almost 18 thousand visits, an initiative that returns this Wednesday, July 7 with Artifica Tu Casa 2021 .

In the almost two months that the project lasts, the art of native peoples, music, literature, visual arts, cinema, theater, architecture and opera will be addressed.

In this new edition, the festival will summon more Chilean universities, to generate a program of master classes with free access and with regional representatives. Together with a sign interpreter and until August 25, every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. you can explore a different artistic discipline, with the guidance of specialists in the field.

“This stems from the same logic of the public role and commitment to the community that we consider with the Cantata for the Dialogue of Chile , and also for promoting moments of culture in complex times for those who like art. For this reason, this year we will invite academics from universities in the north, center and south of the country, because collaboration is essential in this pandemic ” , says Miryam Singer, director of Arts and Culture of the Catholic University and National Music Prize 2020.

At Artifica Tu Casa 2021 , each master class is broadcast via Facebook Live and the UC Arts and Culture YouTube channel , the artistic days last 30 minutes, and then you can participate in a round of questions to the invited experts.

This year, the festival will include the Universidad Católica del Norte, the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, the Universidad de Chile, the Universidad de Santiago, the Universidad del Desarrollo, the Universidad de Concepción and the Universidad Austral, as well as the Universidad Católica de Chile .

With almost two months of programming, themes from the art of native peoples, music, literature, visual arts, cinema, theater, architecture and opera will be addressed.

Among the conductors of the event will be the presentation of the 2016 National Architecture Prize , Edward Rojas, on the architecture of the land and the sea of ​​the Chiloé Archipelago; the expert in Pre-Hispanic art Helena Horta; the former SANFIC programmer and renowned film critic, Joel Poblete, with the new trends and platforms on which we view and analyze cinema; the specialist in Chilean theater and indigenous scenic practices , Patricia Henríquez; the prominent writer Andrea Jeftanovic on the art of going for a walk to write ; the chamber orchestra conductor, Pablo Alvarado and the genre of the symphony ; the colonial painting researcher, Constanza Acuña; and the 2020 National Music Prize , Miryam Singer.