Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Graduate School will hold a virtual event to learn more about UC’s doctoral programs

The Graduate School of the UC Vice-Rectory for Research will hold the “Virtual Open House for UC Doctorates 2021” , an event that will take place between September 20 and 24 . It will be a week where participants will be able to learn about the 39 doctoral programs of the university , who are the academics behind them, what is the experience of the graduates, in addition to what has been the impact of their research on global society and local.

“We seek to make visible the large number of excellent doctoral training opportunities that our university has. Students will be able to learn about the work carried out in the Centers of Excellence, where they can develop thesis work with a strong interdisciplinary component and that have a direct impact on topics of high interest for the country’s development and the well-being of the people ” , highlighted Diego Cosmelli , director of the UC Graduate School.

Registration to participate will be open until 1:00 p.m. (Chile time) on Thursday, September 16 by clicking here . The activities will be carried out through the Zoom platform, where once registered, the participants will be able to connect virtually. The sessions will be recorded and posted a week later on the UC Graduate School website .

Among other activities, in the virtual Open House you will be able to explore the 39 programs and their admission requirements; know the research lines of the academics; discover research and networking opportunities at Centers of Excellence ; find groups of students with like-minded interests; obtain information on financing, scholarships and benefits for students ; and also get to know the community and what university life is like.

Program and activities
All the activities of the Virtual Open House are created to clarify the doubts of the participants about the doctoral studies at UC, broaden the horizon of research and the field of work, in addition to helping them create networks of contacts . You can check the complete program with schedules here .

Different talks and conversations will be held with faculties such as Law, Education, Physics, Communications, Arts, Social Sciences, Medicine, Agronomy and Forest Engineering, Engineering, Letters, Chemistry and Pharmacy, in addition to History, Geography and Political Science, and the Institute of Biological and Medical Engineering.

In addition, seminars will be held with the various Centers of Excellence and UC Regional Centers and Stations Network . In it, attendees will be able to get to know the centers and stations that, throughout Chile, promote the work of researchers and the training of new professionals, contributing to the development of both local communities and the country:

Millennium Institute in Immunology and Immunotherapy (IMII)
Millennium Institute in Coastal Socio-ecology (SECOS)
Research Center for Integrated Risk and Disaster Management (CIGIDEN)
Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS)
Center for Conflict Studies and Social Cohesion (COES)
Center for Advanced Studies on Educational Justice (CJE)
UC Regional Centers and Stations Network (RCER)
Regarding the importance of this seminar, Andrés Bernasconi, director of the Center for Advanced Studies on Educational Justice, pointed out that “ the Centers of Excellence constitute an ecosystem for the training of researchers, dissemination of results and impact on public policies. Actively participating in this allows them to develop not only their research skills, but also to generate skills to link with the environment to make the results of the research available to the needs of the country ” .

On the other hand, during the week, the participants will also be able to generate contact networks, interacting with teams, representatives, students and graduates of the programs to resolve doubts . Discussions will be held with UC graduates about the impact of their research on the academic, public and private sectors.