Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Lists 1A and NAU go to second round

The first round of the elections for the Federation of Students of the Catholic University (FEUC) ended. The elections, which were carried out online, had a total participation of 55.24% by the student body, and were led by the New University Action (NAU) and the Union Movement (1A) , both at the list level as of Superior Counseling.

In the vote to win the FEUC, NAU obtained 44.86% of the total votes, while List 1A obtained 25.05% of the votes. Meanwhile, the Solidarity movement , the other list that was contesting the highest student representation, reached 20.69% of the total.

Maite Estay, candidate for the presidency from NAU and a Civil Engineering student, appreciated the high vote they had as a list, explaining that they want to continue motivating students to trust the project they offer.

“We are very happy. With hearts full of motivation for the number of people who decided to trust our project. We definitely want to win for each one of them and honor that trust they placed in us. There is still a second round that is not easy and we cannot stop. We have to continue making sense to many minds, ”said the student.

The young woman added that she is happy to have the chance to be the next president of the federation. “ It is extremely exciting to know that there are people who trust my leadership to be able to run a federation. I don’t know how to put it in words, my heart fills with joy ”.

“We are very happy. With hearts full of motivation for the number of people who decided to trust in our project. There is still a second round that does not come easy and we cannot stop. We have to continue making sense of many minds” -Maite Estay , candidate for the presidency of the FEUC for the list of NAU

Meanwhile, Miguel Mondaca, candidate for first vice president for the 1A list, referred to the difficulty of being able to generate an online campaign and, at the same time, face-to-face. In that sense, he highlighted the possibility of resuming the campaigns on campus.

“It was very strange, because it was like doing two simultaneous campaigns. It was really bad. The face-to-face especially because it was a lot to guess as we were not sure how many people were on campus. Going back to the courtyards and talking face to face again was super valuable to meet the novices and second year olds and also to be able to tell them what the federation does ”, said the Civil Engineering student.

Dispute by the Superior Counseling
The election for the Higher Council was more fierce. This is because, despite the fact that both the Union Movement and the New University Action returned to lead the preferences, the gap between both candidates was much more even.

Tita Correa, Communications student and candidate for this position on the 1A list, was the first preference with 23.68% of the total votes. The second ranked, Florencia Vildósola, who represents the New University Action, reached 21.13% of the total votes . Meanwhile, the other candidates for this position were Noemí Cid, from Surgencia, Tamara Kowoll, from Solidaridad, and María Fernanda Aguilera, from Avanzar, who achieved 19.79%, 15, 84% and 10.99% of the votes. respectively.

” I am very grateful that they have given me the possibility of obtaining the first majority and it is also a great responsibility, so I hope to win for the second round” -Tita Correa, candidate for Senior Councilor for the 1A list

In this sense, Correa, who is studying journalism, explained his happiness at getting the first majority of the votes and, in turn, thanked the student body for their trust.

“I can’t believe it. I’m still in shock. I was hoping to go to the second round, but never in the first majority, so I really thank the whole team and all the people I know and don’t even know and the message got through to them. . thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to take the first majority and is also a great responsibility, so I hope to win for the second round , “snapped the girl.

Florencia Vildósola, for her part, explained that the support for the NAU in these elections was positive and foresees a very tight scenario for the second round.

“It will be a great challenge. I am very happy that it happened. This is more than anything a great job from the NAU in all the territories. There was a very good rudeness on the part of the movement. It is a challenge to go to the second round and try to make sense of all the people who did not trust our project in the first round ”, concluded the College student.

The four candidates will face off in the second round, scheduled for November 30 and December 1.

Territorial councils
But not only were the highest positions of university representation voted in these elections, but there was also an election of territorial councils, in which 37 students in 20 academic territories were elected and elected by their peers.

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