Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Radio Beethoven expands its signal: the classic station returns to the Valparaíso Region

Since this Monday, September 13, the Catholic University delivers a new sign of its active commitment to culture and its willingness to dialogue with the communities that inhabit the different territories of the country. This time, the signal is radiophonic: as of this date, Radio Beethoven returns to the Valparaíso Region and will be heard from now on dial 102.1 FM.

Thus, the classic station takes a new step in its territorial consolidation and expands its cultural delivery to the citizens of Buenos Aires, after having inaugurated a signal in Villarrica on the 100.5 FM dial last April, thus adding to its traditional delivery on 97.7 FM of the Metropolitan region.

“It seems extraordinary to me that Radio Beethoven can expand by leaps and bounds across our territory. Viña and Valparaíso have a knowledgeable public of learned music, a citizenry that has historically demanded culture and that is currently missing this type of music. Radio Beethoven arrives in the Valparaíso Region at a time when live musical activity has had to stop throughout the country, and its arrival is a preparation for the new opening of the culture that we are all waiting for ” , comments Magdalena Amenábar , Vice Chancellor of Communications UC and member of the board of directors of Radio Beethoven.

Radio Beethoven completed its first year of broadcasting last April since it was acquired by the Catholic University, and last March it celebrated 40 years entirely devoted to classical music and culture.

“This is one more signal that the Catholic University wants to give, understanding culture and the arts as an important part of its educational project. Being a frequency of our own, we can be sure that there will be continuity, and we can also dream of feeding other cities in Chile with learned music ”, says Magdalena Amenábar, producer and host of the microprogram Words under the Guide .

Until the end of the 90s, Radio Beethoven was on dial 107.1, in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.

“Adding this signal from the Fifth Region is important to us. We have received many letters from auditors preparing for this return: Radio Beethoven was in the Fifth Region until 1998. This is a very relevant step to cover more territory, after the April 1, 2021 Radio Beethoven could also start playing in Villarrica . There is a great need throughout the country, and it was demonstrated as a result of the pandemic, with the increase in audience we had. Throughout the territory there is a need to access to these cultural and musical expressions through a means of communication ” , assures Adolfo Flores, artistic director and co-founder of the station.

The double bass player also highlights that Radio Beethoven is currently incorporating different musical territories, which are added to the permanent diffusion that the station has made over 40 years of the universal repertoire of all times and also of Chilean and contemporary music.

“This slight change that we are making in our programming is giving us very good coverage , ” says Adolfo Flores.

These updates to the repertoire have allowed Radio Beethoven to stand out with a more diverse range of musical inspirations.

“At this moment, the radio is very well nurturing the repertoire of music from all its dimensions; we are in the field of folklore and with conversation programs in which the interviewees also expand the repertoires. I have no doubt that the auditors of Viñamarinos and Buenos Aires will receive very well the diverse grill that Radio Beethoven is offering at this time, because this station not only collects repertoires that are from the distant past and the immediate past, but is also being updated in many of your programs with the compositions that are being created at the moment, in real time. So, with Radio Beethoven we are aware of what is happening musically and culturally ” , confirms the vice-rector of UC Communications, Magdalena Amenábar.