Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Returns with Chilean films and exclusive international premieres

From November 9 to 14, this historic cultural scene once again celebrates the best and most recent of national cinema, with award-winning films such as “My brothers dream awake”, and a billboard of free international premieres through a digital platform.

photo_camera The award-winning film “My brothers dream awake”, by the audiovisual director UC Claudia Huaquimilla, is one of the national premieres that will be seen in the theater during the festival,

After a year marked by the adaptation to the pandemic, the closing and reopening of cinemas and a revitalized season of premieres during this 2021, the 45th UC Film Festival returns this Tuesday, November 9 with a hybrid proposal focused on Chilean cinema for its face-to-face exhibition and free exclusive premieres in online format.

“These are films that are just entering local distribution. In the case of My Brothers Dream Awake , it was important for us to be able to include it on our billboard, understanding that it is one of the best local productions of the year. That also explains the focus. presence that we have given to Chilean films. We believe it is important that the UC Film Festival be an instance of linking not only with the screen and the movie theater, but also a platform to strengthen the link with the actors of the industry ” , says Milena Skoknic, coordinator of the UC Film.

With the idea of ​​providing a cinematic space both for people from different regions and for those waiting to return to a movie theater, this new version of the historic UC Film Festival will provide multiple options to enjoy different titles released this year. Faced with a scenario in which many films were left behind due to the impossibility of a cinema premiere, the 45th UC Film Festival arrives with a selection of outstanding stories from Chilean cinema and the independent international circuit, in which transformation themes stand out, affections, reflections on physical contact and the fragility of life.

In the case of the exclusive selection of international premieres released during this 2021, these will be shown for free through the online platform tv.festhome.com .

With a billboard that will be exhibited from November 9 to 14 , the face-to-face exhibition of Chilean cinema will feature presentations by its own filmmakers and can be seen at the UC Cinema room located in Casa Central.

“The idea is to strengthen a habit lost by the health crisis, which is cohabitation with creators. It is an experiential detail, but although virtuality has made the regime of conversations and the like grow, we believe that nothing equals contact live to generate closeness to the creative process ” , says Milena Skoknic.

This part of the UC Film Festival experience will focus on three acclaimed national films: “My brothers dream awake” , by Claudia Huaiquimilla -Awarded asBest Ibero-American Fiction Film at the 36th Guadalajara International Film Festival -, and which is inspired by real events to film life inside a juvenile prison and the desire to escape from there; and in “Al amparo del cielo” , by Diego Acosta, which won the award for Best Chilean Film at FicValdivia 2021 , and shows the mountain range exploration of a muleteer who is getting lost among the mountains and dreams.

For the functions in the room, there is a capacity of 20 people, who must present their mobility pass and complete the Screening Form on the day of the function , before entering the Central House.
The Chilean film show also includes the documentary “Gaucho Americano” , by Nicolás Molina, which follows Joaquín (54) and Víctor (28), gauchos from Chilean Patagonia who are hired to work in the United States and take charge of thousands of sheep, facing another environment, other risks and another language. (Chilean Cinema performances: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 3.30 pm and 6 pm. And Friday, at 3.30 pm. General admission: $ 2,000. 2×1 agreements).

In the case of the exclusive selection of international premieres released during 2021, these will be shown for free through the online platform tv.festhome.com

Thus, the UC Film Festival will show films by creators from different continents, such as “Social Hygiene” , the new realization of the Canadian Denis Côté, which exacerbates the sanitary protocols to transform them into natural scenery.

That same subtlety of the space and the tenuous acting work in confined conditions is what animates “El piso del viento” , the remarkable and pristine new film by Argentines Gustavo Fontán and Gloria Peirano, who explore the memories of a dozen characters encountering an architectural space for the first time.

In this digital modality of the UC Film Festival, it will also be possible to enjoy Asian cinema , with the film by Japanese director Kyoshi Sugita “Haruhara-san’s Recorder “, which follows in the footsteps of a young woman whom he describes from the outside to express complexities associated with the tragedy.

The program also includes “La place d ‘une autre”, by the French Aurélia Georges. This film tells the story of Nelie, a girl who enlisted as a nurse during the First World War to escape poverty and impersonates the identity of a deceased young woman ( Official Selection at the Locarno Film Festival 2021 ).

This billboard of exclusive premieres will also incorporate the film “Wilcox” , by Denis Côté, which follows a man going alone to the forest, playing with our perception of reality, in a documentary-style fiction, through minimalist adventures that flow between simplicity and mysteries.

On-site Programming: Chilean Film Series

Tuesday 9 | 15:30 hours My brothers daydream

Tuesday 9 | 6:00 p.m. American Gaucho

Wednesday 10 | 15:30 hours Under the shelter of the sky

Wednesday 10 | 6:00 p.m. My brothers daydream

Thursday 11 | 3:30 p.m. American Gaucho

Thursday 11 | 6:00 p.m. Under the cover of heaven

Friday 12 | 15:30 hours My brothers daydream

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