Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: This is the first National Survey on the care and health of pets

How do dogs and cats that live in Chilean homes reach their owners, what is their preferred food, how often do they go to the vet and whether or not they are sterilized. These are some of the answers that can be obtained in the First National Survey of Responsible Ownership of Pets and Companion Animals, which was launched this Thursday by the Protected Pet Program of the Undersecretary of Regional and Administrative Development ( Subdere ), in collaboration with the UC School of Veterinary Medicine .

The survey, available both to the 1.6 million responsible owners registered in the National Pet Registry and to all who want to participate, is divided into five parts. The first corresponds to the number of pets per person, their species, method of obtaining and type of identification (whether or not they have a microchip), while the other four are focused on issues related to health, food and hygiene, recreation and behavior. ; and the owner’s appreciation of the pet.

“It is a milestone, never before has a survey of this type been carried out in Chile and it is very relevant to be able to know the situation of pets in our country. We do not have indicators of responsible ownership, we do not know which are the most important factors or their This knowledge is vital and through this research we hope to carry out a first survey of data with certain epidemiological characteristics that allows a positioning of this information at the national level, “says Fernando Mardones, undergraduate director of the UC School of Veterinary Medicine.

Another of the key points of the survey is that it will allow the development of public policies focused on generating well-being for pets. This was explained by the Undersecretary of Regional Development, María Paz Troncoso: “They will allow us to detect in which areas there are greater needs for state support, but also to obtain epidemiological data and know the profile of those who have pets in Chile”

“It is a milestone, never before has a survey of this type been carried out in Chile and it is very relevant to know the situation of pets in our country” – Fernando Mardones, UC Veterinary Undergraduate Director

On the other hand, it is intended that the survey be the basis for creating a profile of pet owners in the country. “We want to have an idea of ​​the perception that pet owners have about their own actions, because perhaps a person who has not registered or sterilized their pet is considered an excellent owner, for example,” says the national coordinator of Protected Mascot , Carolina Guerrero

According to the UC Veterinary undergraduate director, through these questions they want to reveal “the human-animal bond, which has to do with the privileged affection they receive through living with a pet. People have to consider pets as a privilege, more than feeling owners of them and them “.

Regarding the participation of the UC, the School of Veterinary Medicine will be in charge of carrying out the epidemiological and statistical analysis of the results of the questionnaire that will allow knowing, for example, the diseases diagnosed in the country’s pets such as cancer, distemper, parvovirus , obesity, dermatitis or others, during the last 12 months.

“For us it is essential to participate in these types of initiatives, because we provide a vision from science, which is more comprehensive in the sense that it incorporates different dimensions in animal health issues. It also has to do with research aspects that are going away. to be carried out later, obviously within the framework of an agreement that we have with the Subdere on the subject of responsible ownership and animal health, “says Fernando Mardones.

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