Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: UC recognized its faculty for their contribution to the university and the country

With an emotional ceremony, the “Academic and Academic Day” was celebrated, an occasion in which 63 members of the faculty who completed 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service at the university were awarded.

The meeting was held in person in the Hall of Honor and also remotely, through a transmission on the UC YouTube channel , and was preceded by a mass officiated by the Archbishop of Santiago and Great Chancellor of the UC, Cardenal Celestino Aós, who made a call to maintain an attitude of dialogue in the face of the times and challenges that Chilean society is experiencing. “Our university will be Catholic if we live like Jesus, if we build bridges, if we know how to be open to dialogue and welcoming, respecting our identity,” said Aós.

After the mass, the ceremony was held, which was presided over by the UC Grand Chancellor, Cardinal Celestino Aós, the university rector, Ignacio Sánchez, the pro-rector Guillermo Marshall and the academic vice-rector Fernando Purcell. In addition, the other members of the Senior Management Executive Committee and the Honorable Superior Council participated.

In his speech, the rector Ignacio Sánchez valued the work and the way in which the teaching staff serves the university and the country. “The academic body is a living nucleus and center of the contribution that the university makes to Chile and the world in the training of people and in the creation of new knowledge,” he said, also highlighting the intergenerational relationship that identifies university communities, with a range of different ages of students and academics in which “we teach and learn from each other.

“The academic body is a living nucleus and center of the contribution that the university makes to Chile and the world in the training of people and in the creation of new knowledge” – rector Ignacio Sánchez

He also referred to the role that the academic body has played during the pandemic that has affected the country and the world, especially by providing collaboration, constant support and spaces to those who study at UC.

“Today we have been in a very exceptional situation for almost a year and a half, of a very hard pandemic, very marked in the human and personal, with consequences in our university community and in the country, and I believe that the university has given very answers. important for our society, such as the contribution in vaccines, which has been extraordinarily important for the country and the world ”, he stated.

Along with highlighting his contribution so that UC continues to strengthen institutionally, exercising leadership in the region, Rector Sánchez concluded by noting that “I have no doubt that the Catholic University would not be what it is, if these 63 professors had not delivered his daily effort, his teaching and research work, dedicating himself to education, training and the creation of new knowledge ”.

Vladimir Marianov Kluge, a professor at the Faculty of Engineering who turned 40 as a UC academic, was the one who spoke on behalf of the award-winning faculty during the ceremony. In a speech that was filled with entertaining anecdotes from his time at the institution, he emphasized the high level of the academic establishment.

“This is both a consequence and a cause of this progressive increase in the prestige of the Catholic University and of the policies that it adopted in incorporation, improvement and management of the academic career. Although other universities have also been growing, we remain, and we must continue to be the ‘leaders’ ”, he affirmed. He also praised the quality of those who study at the institution. “The students are so good that they are the ones who force us to be better, to question ourselves, to learn with them,” he added.

“The students are so good, that they are the ones who force us to be better, to question ourselves, to learn with them” – Vladimir Marianov, academic from the Faculty of Engineering who completed 40 years at UC

In addition to evaluating programs such as Talent and Inclusion and the development of postgraduate courses, who was also the director of Dictuc, highlighted that UC was a pioneer in Chile in developing companies in partnership between the university and its academics, the so-called “spin-offs”. that allow the country to contribute with innovation and applied research.

Among the awarded academics, Professor Bárbara Loeb Luschow , from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, stood out , who completed 45 years of work and service at UC.

The ceremony also featured the interpretation of the UC academic hymn by an ensemble of the UC Chamber Choir, accompanied by Danilo Rodríguez on piano and conducted by Professor Mauricio Cortés. Meanwhile, the academic Luis Castro from the UC Institute of Music played the Venezuelan Waltz Number 2 by the composer Antonio Lauro on guitar.

Academics awarded
45 years

Barbara Loeb Luschow
40 years

Ignacio Villegas Vergara
Judith Scharager Goldemberg
Maria Loreto Martinez Guzman
Maria Cristina Depassier Terán
Vladimir Marianov Kluge
Reinaldo Boris Arellano Valle
Luis Ibáñez Anrique
Monica Muñoz Serrano
35 years

Jorge Andrés Ibáñez Tardel
Pablo marshall rivera
Gonzalo Cortázar Sanz.
Juan Carlos De La Llera Martin.
Andrés Rodrigo Guesalaga Meissner
Carlos Enrique Fardella Bello
Maria Soledad Zegpi Trueba
30 Years

Tania Zaviezo Palacios
Manuel Jose Villalon Bravo
Juan Pablo Montero Ayala
Marcela Inés Sánchez Martínez
Sol Anunziata Serrano Pérez
Jose Ricardo Perez Correa
Maria Isabel Catoni Salamanca
Katia Abarca Villaseca
Rodrigo Alonso Juan Álvarez Nazer
Gabriel Claudio Bastías Silva
Patricio Downey Concha
Raúl Guillermo Escobar Henríquez
Alejandro Gonzalo González Arellano
Jaime Alejandro Labarca Labarca
Patricio Lizama Améstica
25 years

Claudia Bonomelli De Pinaga
William Ellis Foster Bonnette
German Hidalgo Hermosilla
Alberto González Ramos
Milena Rebeca Grass Kleiner
Gina Loreto Allende Martínez
Francisco Esteban Bozinovic Kuscevic
Patricio Salvador Cumsille Eltit
Maria Soledad Herrera Ponce
Sergio José Godoy Etcheverry
Luis Hernán Palacios Correa
Marcos Singer González
Eduardo Walker Hitschfeld
Claudio Nelson Sapelli González
Tomás Agustín Chuaqui Henderson
Carlos Alberto Bonilla Meléndez
Ana Maria Araneda Levy
Monica Andrea Acevedo Blanco
Jorge Alejandro Barros Beck
Pedro Antonio German Becker Rencoret
Andrés Eduardo Castillo Moya
Maria Patricia Cordella Masini
Francisco José Domínguez Covarrubias
Homer Rafael Gac Espínola
Paul Richard Harris Ten
Isabel Francisca Hoffmann Weinberg
Patricio Andrés Mellado Talesnik
Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Cuevas
Andrés Isaac Rosenblut Ratinoff
Sandra Solari Gajardo
Paulina Cecilia Taboada Rodríguez
Denisse Alejandra Zúñiga Parada

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