Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC): UC engineers created a technological platform to prevent having a car from being a problem

Two civil engineers from UC, Diego Noguera and Nicolás Vega, developed a technological platform called Carvuk, which allows programming any automotive service at home , from taking the vehicle to the technical review to going to wash it.

Together with the commercial engineer from the Universidad de los Andes, José Alcalde, the information technology specialists seek to prevent the car from being a problem, by being able to bring those who drive various benefits that require time, patience and trust in most of the cases.

“Do you need to wash the car? Or do you have the technical review? You can schedule at Carvuk.com and we will look for it, without you having to leave your home or office. This is how we also operate for other services, such as dent removal and painting, maintenance based on mileage or oil change” , highlighted Nicolás Vega.

He added that today the most requested by users are technical check-ups and car washes . For the co-founder of the Carvuk technology platform, these features are considered “anchors” , with which they are known.

“It has caught our attention that customers want to outsource everything. What begins with a simple wash of the vehicle at home, often ends in maintenance or even the repair of a crash” , specified the UC engineer about the scope of the technological solution.

Carvuk became part of the portfolio of Platanus Ventures , one of the most important accelerators in Latin America . Through its programs, high-potential startups receive tools to grow and prepare for investment rounds.

“This instance generated by the accelerator to help you raise capital at an early stage is essential to grow as a team and to be able to continue developing our product during the first years” , stated Nicolás Vega.