Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC): Universidad Católica and CHRISTUS Health sign a new agreement that seeks to promote development

UC and CHRISTUS Health renewed their agreement signed in 2016, with the aim of continuing to work together for new ways to advance the development and projection of the UC CHRISTUS Health Network. In a statement issued by the organization, the details of this new agreement are reported.

Since 2013, when the alliance between the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and CHRISTUS Health began, which gave rise to the UC CHRISTUS Health Network, we have focused our efforts on initiatives that place us at the forefront in the area of ​​health , concretizing projects that allow the sustainability and development of the Network , and primarily, in which we can improve the lives of the people who take care of us.

The growth achieved by the Network in recent years is indisputable, however, after the social outbreak in Chile at the end of 2019, as well as the contingency resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, and the changes we see today in the health, make it necessary to have a more agile and flexible structure, which allows us to continue developing and reach more patients with the confidence that UC Medicine gives them.

For this reason, this Thursday the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and CHRISTUS Health signed a new agreement to modify some relevant aspects of the original agreement signed between the two institutions in 2016, with the aim of reviewing the corporate structure and, in particular, balancing the participation of both partners, in order to advance in the development and projection of the organization.

This agreement will make it possible to have more fluid processes , operate more efficiently and promote the growth of the Network , as it seeks to concentrate all healthcare operations and activity in the societies of the UC CHRISTUS Health Network where today we carry out outpatient and outpatient operations . San Carlos de Apoquindo Clinic, maintaining the joint governance and administration of CHRISTUS Health.

In this way, the equal participation will materialize with the acquisition of the real estate property of the San Carlos Clinic by CHRISTUS, while the University will maintain ownership of the Clinical Hospital . The reorganization is expected to be completed in the second half of the year, with operations beginning in early 2023.

The University, through the Faculty of Medicine, will continue to develop its academic activities on the Internet, and we are convinced that this new structure will open up more possibilities for future training spaces for students .

It is very important to point out that this process will be carried out with total transparency and always adopting all the necessary measures to take care of our collaborators and patients . Our focus will be on the people who make up the organization, because thanks to their invaluable support and dedication we can continue to fulfill our mission.

Since this joint work began, we have maintained that as the UC CHRISTUS Health Network we want to be leaders, both in Chile and in Latin America, in the delivery of humanized, safe and quality health care focused on the well-being of our patients and their families. families , contributing to the academic and scientific development of medicine and committed to the Catholic values ​​and principles that inspire us. This change that we are communicating today allows us to take another step in that direction.